Darklance is a privacy-focused, freelancing marketplace utilizing bitcoin for payments. No government documents, extremely low-fees, and it's open-source.

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The Darklance Mission: Free individuals from soul-sucking 9-5's and do so with their privacy intact.



Darklance will never ask you for any personally identifiable information, unlike centralized freelancing platforms: just download the program, start using it, and YOU decide how you want to deal with the State. Privacy is sacrosanct.

Security Culture

Security culture is defined as the direct application of the right to privacy; it is the HOW to making privacy happen. Darklance will feature end-to-end encryption and all traffic will be routed through I2P. We will put together "best practice" guides, educating users on the technology and on how to implement this strategy into other areas of their lives.

Trustless Escrow

Third-party escrow services on Darklance will be optional, making the platform truly peer-to-peer. For a full explanation on how this would work, check out Jeremy Spilman's article titled, "The Future of Bitcoin Escrow" or the Darklance whitepaper (below).

Circle of Trust

Darklance will feature the normal rating/review reputation system, in addition to a circle/web of trust model. The platform will be designed to encourage first layer (trusted friends/family) and second layer interactions (friends of trusted friends) over the riskier third layer interactions. The ratings/review system becomes crucially important when entering this outer layer.

Social Media Platform

Scuttlebutt, the underlying network protocol within Darklance, already has a fully functioning social media platform called Patchwork. Patchwork will be-designed, re-named, and more intuitive, but Darklance will have a social media platform alongside the freelancing platform. This will serve a dual purpose: an alternative to the censorship-happy centralized platforms and an additional in-road into the Darklance ecosystem.

Minimal Fees

Major freelancing platforms often charge monthly fees and can take up to 20% of each completed contract. This raises the cost of doing business and is basically just a fee for maintaining their infrastructure. The fee to use the Darklance platform will be 2%, with half of these funds being allocated towards open-source development and marketing.


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